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Beales Corner Flood Defence Construction

The Environment Agency are starting to develop the programme of works for the Beales Corner Flood Defence scheme and would like to know of any risks to their programme and how the works could impact on the community. If anyone is aware of any scheduled town/public events in 2023 and 2024 that might be impacted by any temporary works or partial road closures, please make the Environment Agency aware by emailing

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Beales Corner Ground Investigation Works

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Advice and support sessions for flooded Worcestershire residents and businesses

The National Flood Forum (NFF) will be hosting some advice and support drop-in sessions for those who were affected by the recent flooding along the River Severn.

The NFF recovery trailer will be touring flood impacted communities along the river from Monday 14th March.

Residents and business owners will be able to speak to flood recovery experts from the NFF, many of whom have flooded in the past themselves, about their experiences. They will be able to get advice about issues such as insurance and property re-instatement or quite simply have the chance to just talk about what’s happened. The trailer is a one-stop-shop for practical and emotional support.

Heather Shepherd, Community Support Manager and Flood Recovery Specialist for the National Flood Forum said:

“Having been flooded myself, including during the last month, I understand how traumatic it is.

I know that the process of recovery is fraught with a number of stresses and pressures, which is why I would urge anyone who has any flood-related issues or questions to come and talk to us.

We are here to help, offer advice, signpost you to the best sources of professional support and actively listen to your concerns.”

In addition to NFF experts, representatives from the county council, the district councils, the Environment Agency and Severn Trent Water will also be available at the trailer to help with a wide range of other flooding issues.

The schedule for the trailer is as follows:

Monday 14th March

10.00 till 13.00 – Severn Meadows Car Park 2, Stourport. DY13 8UJ

15.00 till 19.00 – Bewdley Rowing Club, Bewdley. DY12 1AB

Tuesday 15th March

10.00 till 13.00 – The Pump House Environment Centre, Waterworks Road, Worcester. WR1 3EZ

15.00 till 19.00 – Copenhagen Street Car Park, 4 Copenhagen Street, Worcester. WR1 2EY


Wednesday 16th March

10.00 till 13.00 – Blue Bell Inn, Callow End. WR2 4TY

15.00 till 19.00 – The Rose & Crown, Church Lane, Severn Stoke. WR8 9JQ

Thursday 17th March

10.00 till 13.00 – Hanley Road Car Park, Upton upon Severn. WR8 0HU

15.00 till 19.00 – Upton Marina, East Waterside, Upton upon Severn. WR8 0PB

Flood impacted residents and business owners from everywhere along the river are invited to attend whichever location and time is most convenient for them. In addition, residents and business owners from along the River Severn who are still dealing with difficult issues from the 2020 and 2021 flood events are also invited to attend.

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Flooding Update – 22 February 2022

Storm Franklin Flooding Update 

  • Wyre Forest Team with WRS Staff have been door knocking all Bewdley affected properties within the Beales Corner flood zone. As noted all caravan parks notified
  • Note – Event declared as Severe Flood Incident
  • WFDC liaising with blue light bronze cell in Bewdley – Elim Church
  • Barrier predicted overtop at Beales Corner – Tuesday Afternoon – Time TBC
  • Pedestrian access across bridge to be closed tomorrow and shuttle bus to be operated
  • Weather position moving forward much improved
  • Note – Severn Trent pumps removed – will be redeployed
  • Rest Centre deployed & stood down at 21:30 – emergency out of hours as stand by
  • Peak predicted at 5.00 – 5.5 Wednesday
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Flooding Latest – 22 February 2022

    •    Severe Flood Warning issued for Beales Corner, Bewdley as River Severn level expected to rise further
    •    High river levels the result of back-to-back storms and continued heavy rain
    •    Residents in flood-risk areas urged to evacuate with support from police and council
The Environment Agency has issued a Severe Flood Warning for Beales Corner in Bewdley, Worcestershire due to extremely high river levels on the River Severn that are threatening to over-top flood barriers.
Properties in Beales Corner are at a very high risk of flooding as the fast-flowing water from the River Severn is expected to flood the area later today.
Teams from the Environment Agency have been working throughout the weekend to deploy temporary flood barriers at Beales Corner which are expected to divert the majority to the flood water. However, there is still a high risk that some water will breach the top of the defence.
The Environment Agency issues Severe Flood Warnings when there is imminent risk of flooding and threat to life.  Residents are strongly urged to evacuate their homes during the flood and are being supported by the police and councils.
Environment Agency Area Duty Manager for Worcestershire Gary Bywater said:
 “We are facing a significant flood risk at Beales Corner in Bewdley and urging people to remain vigilant and take extreme care. Heavy rain, affecting already wet areas, is likely to cause significant river flooding along the River Severn for several days.
 “We have teams out on the ground taking preventative action and we are working with other agencies to support people who need to evacuate their homes.
“We advise people to stay away from swollen rivers and not to drive through flood water as just 30cm of flowing water is enough to move your car.”
The Environment Agency has been working with local authorities over the past year to ensure that excellent resilient measures are in place to make should the flood barriers are fully operational including re-surfacing the road and maintaining the drains.
Residents are urged to sign up to Environment Agency Flood Warning messages and to make sure they are prepared for flooding by following the ‘Prepare, Act, Survive’ guidance:
    •    Prepare a bag that includes medical and insurance documents
    •    Check the latest flood situation online –
    •    Know how to turn off your gas, electricity and water
    •    Check your insurance to make sure you are covered for flood damage. If you rent your home, it is your responsibility to have insurance for your belongings.
    •    If you are flooded, call 999 if in immediate danger and follow advice from emergency services.
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Flooding Update 21 February 2022

Please note key update to this event: Storm Franklin Flooding Event 14:30hrs

 Incident – Major incident declared – Immediate action required

Environment Agency

  • Flood Warning in force: River Severn at Wribbenhall, Bewdley – Flooding is expected for: River Severn at Wribbenhall, Bewdley.
  • BEALES LOADED WARNING – The Barriers at Beales Corner are operational and have approximately 1m of water against them. All Environment Agency maintenance activities will now stop, and the site will be fully evacuated behind the defences. Residents must evacuate from behind the defences due to the risk. The risk remains as the barrier system is a temporary structure which cannot be guaranteed to perform. The barrier system is nearing its standard of service.
  • Predicted Peak:- Bewdley 5m to 5.4m Wednesday 23/02/2022.
  • We are closely monitoring the situation.  Our incident response staff are liaising with emergency services.  This message will be updated as the situation changes.

Key issues

WFDC leading door knocking – warning & informing all affected residents to evacuate – Rest Centre on standby at Wyre Forest House

  • Review of vulnerable at-risk person pending action at 15:00hrs today
  • Caravan sites affected have been contacted and evacuation is happening on the following caravan sites, (all holiday):
  • Lickhill Manor
  • Redstone Caravan park
  • Severnside Holiday Park off sandy lane
  • Stourport Motor yacht and Bungalow Association
  • Stourport Caravan Park
  • The Walshes Caravan Park
  • about 5 caravans at Riverside in Bewdley to have water around but may not evacuate as minor impact.
  • No issues raised about caravan owners having temporary accommodation elsewhere at this point – Likely evacuation of properties in Bewdley and Stourport due to flooding may result in some contact but very limited previous requests for help.
  • Bronze cell being established at Elm Methodist Church in Bewdley
  • Multi-agency comms cell established – WFDC warning / informing / signposting

 Met Office

  • Storm Franklin’s strongest winds and showers are set to continue to ease as we had though this rest of Monday across the West Midlands – but the rest of the week is looking much less unsettled.
  • Yellow Warning for the risk of potential disruption from the gales will end at 1300 today – so a Low Likelihood of Medium Impacts remains until then.
  • Despite some more rain or showers and gusty winds this week – conditions for resilience teams are not expected to be as challenging as recent days.
  • a quieter night tonight with some showery rain or drizzle, Tuesday morning is expected to see a short spell of heavy rain breeze through quickly. This could be accompanied by squally south westerly winds gusting to 50 or 55mph for a time.
  • Although, clearly unhelpful for any ongoing recovery operations, once this risk of gales has cleared to the east, winds will reduce in strength. Further, possibly wintry, showers and winds gusting to around 25 to 35mph are expected during Tuesday afternoon and evening – and easing further tomorrow night.
  • After some showery rain on Wednesday, an area of rain will sweep southeast overnight into Thursday. This clears to leave sleet and snow showers on Thursday and Thursday night, before less cold conditions return on Friday and through the coming weekend.
  • Once today’s warning expires, no further Met Office warnings are currently out for the West Midlands. However, we will continue to monitor conditions for possible low impact ice, snow, wind, or rain warnings over the coming days – but these would be deemed more ‘typical’ winter weather.
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Flooding Latest – 21 February 2022

Following a period of heavy rainfall over the Welsh mountains, Shropshire and Herefordshire and Worcestershire  river levels are rising on the Rivers Severn, Wye and Teme as well as some of their tributaries. Further rainfall is forecast on Monday 21/02/2022. Based upon this forecast rainfall and the already saturated catchments and full rivers, we are likely to see levels on the River Severn approach those recorded in February 2020. We are closely monitoring the situation.

Temporary barriers at Ironbridge have been deployed. The barriers at Frankwell in Shrewsbury are already in place and we are currently increasing these to full height. The Coleham Head defences in Shrewsbury are being deployed today (Monday 21/02/22). The demountable barriers in Hereford have been deployed. In Bewdley on the River Severn, the Severnside barriers phase 1 and 2 and Beales Corner barriers have been deployed.  The New St & Waterside gates in Upton are closed.  Dunns Lane gate will close by 10:30 today. The pumps at Kempsey are operational.

The upper range of the forecast peaks along the River Severn are similar to those experienced in early February 2020. On the River Wye in Hereford, river levels could reach those previously seen in December 2015.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Flood Warning Duty OfficerWest Midlands Area(Shropshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire)

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Flooding Update 21 February 2022

IMPORTANT INFORMATION.This is an update from the Environment Agency.Flood Warning in force: River Severn at Wribbenhall, Bewdley.Flooding is expected for: River Severn at Wribbenhall, Bewdley.Immediate action required.BEALES LOADED WARNING 2. The barriers at Beales Corner are operational and have water against them. Only approved critical EA activities will occur behind the defences. It is strongly recommended that residents evacuate from behind the defences due to the risk. The risk remains as the barrier system is a temporary structure, which cannot be guaranteed to perform.  Predicted Peak:- Bewdley 5m to 5.4m on Wednesday 23/02/2022.We are closely monitoring the situation. Our incident response staff are liaising with emergency services.This message will be updated as the situation changes.