Weather Alert – Flood Activity Update



  • Unsettled conditions continue with more rain overnight – expect 10-20mm
  • Thursday – Rain more West to Southwest of WM region – Gales expected
  • Friday – More rain overnight falling in Wales and river Severn catchments
  • Saturday / Sunday – Cooler with showery conditions
  • Expect some road surface flooding


River Levels on Severn / Operational Barriers:


  • Rivers already becoming heavy
  • Expecting 5-7 warnings
  • Two river peaks expected on Friday pm 4.5m / Saturday pm 5m
  • Bewdley Severnside Barriers operational – Beales Corner ready – Switchback Rd closed
  • Sandbags deployed
road closed sign

First Notice of Order – Road Closure – Bewdley



Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984

(B4195 Stourport Road, Bewdley) (Temporary Closure) Order 2023

Proposed Order: to close that part of B4195 Stourport Road from its junction with B4190 Kidderminster Road to its junction with Ricketts Close.

Reason: Replacement electricity cable by Western Power Distribution.

Exemptions: to permit access to any land or premises fronting the highway affected where there is no other form of access; and to allow the works to be undertaken.

Alternative route: B4195 Stourport Road (Eastbound), A456 Bewdley Bypass, B4190 Kidderminster Road and vice versa.

Maximum duration: 18 months. Anticipated duration:5 days Commencing:13 February 2023

Thomas Pollock Head of Commercial Law (Legal & Governance) County Hall Spetchley Road Worcester


road closure diversion-09122022142048



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Road Closure – Dog Lane Bewdley

TFX SA9312 003 (Rev A) Dog Lane Bewdley – Road Closure A2TFX SA9312 003 (Rev A) Dog Lane Bewdley – Road Closure A21377797 U10227 Dog Lane Bewdley – Expedient

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Weather Alert – Flood Activity Update Friday 6 January 2023

Please be advised of the Flood Activity Update for Friday 6 January 2023:




  • Light showers during the day will fade with more heavy cloud building into this evening which will bring moderate to heavy rain from around midnight to dawn.
  • Expect 10-20mm locally with c. 20-30mm across the upper Severn catchments.
  • Saturday will see windy conditions with c. 5-10mm of rainfall.
  • Sunday similar with sunny, blustery showers.
  • Monday should be quite dry with more rainfall due throughout the rest of the week.
  • There are no weather warnings at present across the WM region.


River Levels / Barriers


  • From the above expect flood warnings on the Severn as indicated yesterday.
  • Peak on Severn at Bewdley expected Saturday PM of 3.3- 3.8m.
  • Precautionary already being taken for Bewdley Barriers.
  • Severnside Phase One – In place.
  • Severnside Phase Two – Posts erected and in place.
  • Beales Corner – A watching brief with resources maintained pending mobilisation.


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Weather Alert – Flooding Activity

Please be advised that whilst the current Flood Guidance Statement (FGS) remains green for Worcestershire, there are, however, some low-level operational activities taking place along the River Severn.


Weather Update


A frontal band of rain is expected overnight Thursday (tonight), clearing early tomorrow morning and we are expecting totals of around 10mm in the Severn.


Friday (tomorrow) is expected to be largely dry before another band of frontal rainfall moves into the patch from the west on Friday evening, clearing on Saturday morning.  In terms of rainfall totals tomorrow (Friday) we could see catchment averages of between 5 and 15mm in the Severn and Vyrnwy confluence.


Once the frontal rainfall on Friday into Saturday morning clears, the remainder of Saturday will see blustery heavy showers feeding in from the west.  We could see catchment averages of between 20 and 30mm in the Severn and Vyrnwy confluence.


Blustery showers continue on Sunday and into Monday and it is likely to continue to remain unsettled into next week.


Based on the above estimated rainfall totals we are expecting to see a handful of alerts and warnings across the catchment.


Catchment Flood Alert Flood Warning
Lower Severn Up to 5 Up to 7


Under a reasonable worst-case scenario up to 5 additional flood warnings would potentially be needed in the Upper Severn catchment


Operational Activity


Bewdley Severn Side Phase 1 barriers are currently being deployed, with Beales and Severn Side Phase 2 barriers also mobilised to be deployed if required over the weekend. We’ll also be deploying sandbags.

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Beales Corner Environment Agency Update

The Environment Agency project team, together with the local community and local
authorities, is working to develop a flood risk management scheme for Beales Corner in
Bewdley. This newsletter is to provide the latest update on the project.


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Beales Corner Flood Defence Construction

The Environment Agency are starting to develop the programme of works for the Beales Corner Flood Defence scheme and would like to know of any risks to their programme and how the works could impact on the community. If anyone is aware of any scheduled town/public events in 2023 and 2024 that might be impacted by any temporary works or partial road closures, please make the Environment Agency aware by emailing

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Beales Corner Ground Investigation Works