Christmas Switch On and The Nutcracker Trail 2022 Feedback Surveys

Please take part in these short surveys. There are four surveys; two for visitors for the Christmas Lights Switch On and the Nutcracker Trail and two for Local Traders on the same events. Your opinions really do matter and help shape future events in the town.


Christmas Lights Switch On Community Feedback

Nutcracker Trail Community Feedback

Traders Nutcracker Feedback

Traders Christmas Switch On Feedback






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B4194 High Street, Bewdley Temporary Road Closure


Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984

(B4194 High Street, Bewdley)(Temporary Closure) Order 2023

Order made: to close that part of B4194 High Street from its junction with B4190 Load Street to its junction with U10500 Lax Lane

Reason: Safe working for overhead works by Openreach.

Exemptions: to permit access to any land or premises fronting the highway affected where there is no other form of access; and to allow the works to be undertaken.

Alternative route: B4190 Load Street, B4190 Beales Corner, B4195 Stourport Road, A456  Stourport Road, B4195 Stourport Road, B4195 Worcester Street, A451 Gilgal, A451 Mitton Street, A451 Hight Street, A451 Dunley Road, B4194 Ribbesford Road, B4194 Red Hill, B4194 High Street and vice versa.

Maximum duration: 18 MonthsAnticipated duration: 1 day Commencing: 2 February 2023

Thomas Pollock Head of Commercial Law (Legal & Governance) County Hall Spetchley Road Worcester

High Street Bewdley Road Closure CAD.png

Gift of new nest boxes

Hoot, hoot hurray for gift of new nest boxes

More owls may be spotted in the district thanks to a generous gift by a council volunteer and his family.

Mike Pagett, from Kidderminster, is a volunteer with the Wyre Forest District Council’s Ranger service. He has been helping the team for the past five years. During that time Mike has worked at many of the authority’s nature reserves. He has donated two new owl boxes which have been put up in the district’s nature reserves. Mike made a special trip to the Barn Owl Centre in Gloucestershire to collect the nest boxes.

Mike said: “Close family friends left money to a number of animal charities in their will. One of the charities chosen was the Barn Owl Centre in Gloucestershire. My wife and I visited the centre to hand over the donation and we learnt about their nest box fundraising scheme. The centre kindly agreed to donate a couple of the boxes on behalf of our friends – Lynn and Graham Beazley – to the council’s rangers. I am sure our friends would be very proud to have these boxes put up locally, with the hope of them being used by barn owls or any other species. Our thanks to the rangers for getting them installed.”

The newly installed nesting boxes will attract all sorts of birds of prey, such as barn owls and tawny owls. They are designed for species which traditionally look for safe nesting spaces in the hollows of ancient trees. These specially made boxes offer a modern-day roosting site, giving the birds a chance to breed safely.

There have been many reports of birds of prey, like tawny owls and kestrels foraging around the district’s nature reserves. The new nest boxes will help provide them with new breeding locations.

Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure and Community Safety, Graham Ballinger said: “What a fantastic gift, we are thrilled. And we hope as many people as possible enjoy their visits to our nature reserves.

“These are wonderful outdoor spaces, which we can all look after by following the countryside code, keeping to the paths and keeping our dogs under control. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for next year’s nesting season – March to August – and listen hard for those tiny hoots!”

Find out about volunteering with the Wyre Forest District Council Ranger service on the council website or email

Flood Activity Update – Sunday 15 January 2023

  • Weather
  • Much improved position – No major rain events or expected warnings
  • Colder conditions moving in from Monday and up to Thursday – Will bring frost and icy conditions
  • From Thursday milder conditions and some rain over Wales – Not significant 5-10mm
  • Rivers – Severn
  • 17 warnings / 4 alerts
  • Bewdley peaked at 4.8m 02:00hrs on Sunday morning – This will maintain into this evening – A steady prolonged retreat predicted
  • EA team will be meeting to review plans for scheduled barrier removals – Nothing agreed at present
  • Operational Deployment
  • No change to previously noted updates – B194 (Switchback) still closed
  • Tactical Command
  • No SCG forum stood up – Changes to Herefordshire & Shropshire TCG’s
  • SB noted concerns on social media at Bewdley around: Water egress behind Beales Corner / EA contact / EA messaging around barrier being compromised
  • Some issues created following water being pumped from properties into drains creating secondary surface flooding
  • Some issue with EA and comms evident – Will need to get picked up at event de-brief stage
  • EA – CIO’s deployed – queried at Bewdley
  • Comms – Can we focus on freezing temperatures / retreating river conditions
  • Data collection for flooded properties to focus on: Domestic Properties (internal flooding over external flooding) Business Properties (internal flooding over external flooding)
  • Bronze Cells – Still operational
  • TCG planned for 11:00am Monday
  • Major Incident – Not met
  • Recovery Phase to be established next week – Normally led by Districts but will be chaired by WCC – Districts to feed in attendees

Bewdley Flood Shuttle Bus

Bewdley Flood Shuttle

Cost of Living Impact on Mental Health

The cost-of-living crisis in the UK is a major issue that affects millions of people. Over the past decade, the cost of basic necessities such as food, housing, and healthcare have risen sharply, leading to a difficult financial situation for many households.

This infographic will provide an overview of the cost-of-living crisis in the UK, along with a look at the key factors that have contributed to the crisis, the impact it has had on people’s lives, and the measures that have been taken to address the issue.

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