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Electric vehicles – crime prevention message

Posted on behalf of West Mercia Police

The rise in price of copper is likely to cause an increase in the theft of cable and infrastructure materials. This gives cause to think about the security of the electric vehicle charging cables installed at our homes and businesses.

Whilst there is not a particular problem with this in our area currently, it is worth being ahead of the game when it comes to crime prevention. The amount of copper within an EV charging cable is low, so the reward to would be criminals is quite small, but there is a possibility that thieves could target the charging cables if left unattended or unsecured.

If you are yet to install a charger, consider placing the device discreetly out of public view. If possible, secure your cable when not in use by removing it to a safe place and not leaving it on display. Consider marking the cable with a forensic marking system and make sure it is covered by CCTV or protected by an alarm. As ever, be alert to suspicious activity and report it accordingly.

Further advice on crime prevention can be found here: Secured by Design – Crime Prevention & Security Advice

Second Notice of Order – Road Closure – Bewdley – Wyre Forest District



Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984

(U10202 Richmond Road, Bewdley) (Temporary Closure) Order 2024

Order made: to close that part of U10202 Richmond Road from its junction with U10215 The Lakes Road to its junction with B4190 Welch Gate.

Reason: Carriageway Resurfacing by WCC.

Exemptions: to permit access to any land or premises fronting the highway affected where there is no other form of access; and to allow the works to be undertaken.

Alternative route: U10215 The Lakes Road, B4190 Cleobury Road, B4190 Winbrook, B4190 Welch Gate and vice versa.

Maximum duration: 18 MonthsAnticipated duration: 2 days only between 24 June to 8 July 2024

Thomas Pollock Head of Commercial Law (Legal & Governance) County Hall Spetchley Road Worcester

20 June 2024

U10202 Richmond Road Bewdley [Diversion Plan ].pdf







Car key burglar gets two-year sentence

Posted on behalf of West Mercia Police

A car key burglar is facing two years behind bars thanks to an investigation led by detectives in north Worcestershire’s proactive CID team.

Hassan Khan, 19, of Keeley Street, Birmingham was found guilty of car key burglary and theft of a motor vehicle by a judge at Worcester Crown Court on Monday (17 June).

Khan was sentenced to two years and four months following the investigation which forms part of Op Enzyme, West Mercia Police’s cross-border partnership operation to combat car key burglaries and other vehicle related offences in and around Kidderminster, Bromsgrove, and Redditch.

Khan committed a car key burglary on Ludlow Road, Kidderminster on Wednesday 25 October, 2023, stealing the keys to a Mercedes car before making off in the vehicle.

Detective Constable Rob Freer, of North Worcestershire LPA’s Proactive CID team, said: “We are pleased to get this good result from court which puts a car key burglar behind bars, as part of Op Enzyme.

“Acquisitive crimes such as motor vehicle theft not only affect the victim but also have a wider impact on the rest of society, as it pushes up insurance premiums and costs to the consumer.

“Such thefts are sometimes linked to organised crime gangs who often prey on vulnerable people and whose actions reap harm on the communities we are here to protect and serve.”

Posted on behalf of West Mercia Police

A drugs warrant executed in Worcestershire this morning (Tuesday 18 June) uncovered a cannabis farm of almost 1,000 plants with an estimated street value of £827,400.

Officers from our Neighbourhood Crime Fighting Team (NCFT) were joined by colleagues from supporting teams at an address on the Mill Lane Industrial Estate in Tenbury Wells on this morning’s raid.

Around 985 plants of various stages of growth were discovered at the site in three rooms over two floors of the premises.

Two men were arrested at the scene on suspicion of the production of cannabis and remain in police custody.

The multi-agency warrant also featured officers from Tenbury Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT), Local Policing Priorities Team (LPPT), County Lines drugs team, police dogs unit and partners at West Midlands Ambulance Service and Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue.

A spokesperson for the NCFT said: “Thanks to concerns raised by the public and good intelligence work by officers, almost 1,000 plants were found in the building which were seized and will now be destroyed, and two men are now in custody.

“Grows like this one are linked to organised criminal gangs whose actions reap harm on the communities we are here to protect and serve.

“The drugs they sell have a negative impact on our communities and can lead to other criminality, or the harm and exploitation of vulnerable people.

“Shutting down this grow today shows we will not tolerate criminal activity within our communities, and that we will act on information provided to us by the public.”

Today’s warrant was also the first time West Mercia Police have deployed their own National Inter-Agency Liaison Officer (NILO) which is a trained and identifiable responder from the emergency services who is a tactical adviser but can assume a command role if required.

Chief Inspector Alexander Denny is the first Home Office-appointed regional police NILO. He worked alongside NILOs from fire and ambulance to make sure risks were mitigated and officers were kept safe from harm in a live situation.

Ch Insp Denny said: “It was good to deploy with NILOs from partner agencies today, the first time this role has been deployed for West Mercia Police.

“NILOs play an important and key role in live situations like this one, reducing risk to officers, identifying skills and resources on the go, and working collaboratively to keep everyone safe from harm.

“Due to NILO collaboration Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) paramedics deployed with police and were on hand to immediately triage a prisoner who suffered an injury to his hand in his efforts to escape.

“Had paramedics not been a part of the resourcing from the outset, an ambulance might not have been able to deploy straight away.”


Global investigation leads to paedophile being jailed

An online sexual predator from Australia whose victims included eight children from north Worcestershire has been jailed thanks to international partnership work by detectives.

South Australian man Brett Allford, 42, from Edwardstown in Adelaide, solicited sexually explicit material from ten overseas children via social media platforms.

Allford was handed a 23-year prison sentence of which he must serve at least 17 years thanks to the joint investigation by officers from West Mercia Police and the South Australian Joint Anti-Child Exploitation Team (SA JACET), comprising members from the Australian Federal Police and South Australia Police.

He communicated with his victims on Snapchat and Instagram, where he encouraged them to engage in sexual activity and send explicit images of themselves.

The SA JACET Team began investigating in 2022 after we referred a report of a teenager engaging online with a man suspected to be in South Australia.

During a warrant at Allford’s home in October 2022, Australian officers seized a phone that contained sexually explicit communications with 10 victims – aged 11 to 16 at the time of the offending – from the UK and Canada, along with numerous files containing child abuse images.

He man pleaded guilty last December to 14 online child abuse offences.

Allford had manipulated the victims and taken advantage of their personal circumstances to satisfy his deviant sexual desires, an Australian judge heard on Monday 3 June. The man induced victims to send photos and videos by offering money to spend on clothes or food.

Detective Senior Constable Jordan Dowling, of South Australia Joint Anti Child Exploitation Team (SA JACET), said: “This is a fantastic result, and it couldn’t have been achieved without the significant efforts of DI Laura Douglas and the North Worcestershire Child Exploitation Team.”

Thanks to this collaborative work, the man received a total of 23 years imprisonment with a non-parole period of 17 years, and he will not be eligible for parole until 2039.

Detective Inspector Laura Douglas, of the Child Exploitation Team in North Worcestershire LPA, said: “We are delighted this great result following close working between my team and the SA JACET.

“We had eight victims of online sexual exploitation identified in this case that reside within the North Worcestershire LPA.

“This case only serves to highlight how online exploitation can take place anywhere in the world and the importance of protecting children and the vulnerable from predators like Allford.”

·  Alternatively, information can be shared anonymously with the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or by visiting .


Posted on behalf of West Mercia Police


Gift Cards are in everyday use and are a simple way, as the name suggests, to give a gift. However, once again the criminals are using this as an opportunity to get their victims to make a payment which is then to all intents and purposes, untraceable and irretrievable.

Fraudsters very often ask their victims to make a payment by purchasing Gift Cards, then reading out or forwarding the code printed on the back of the card. It has been known for fraudsters to pose as HMRC demanding an immediate payment of outstanding tax or sometimes in the case of Romance Scams, they are requesting an urgent payment to help them out with some personal financial problem.

Fraudsters are using online store Gift Cards to collect money from victims because they can be easily redeemed and sold on. The fraudsters do not need the physical card to redeem the value and will instead use tactics to persuade victims to purchase Gift Cards in large amounts, then either read out the serial code on the back over the phone, or send it by text or email.

They may ask for iTunes vouchers or various other cards such as STEAM, Amazon, or Google Play cards. Once they have the serial number they can either make high value purchases for their own gain or sell the number on to third parties.

Do not be fooled if a fraudster tries to give credibility to the demand by calling Gift Cards “Payment Cards”. Whilst many victims have been in the over 60 years age group, this warning is equally appropriate to all age groups.

One other twist in the Gift Card scams is for a person to receive an email from a friend or relative asking them to purchase a Gift Card for them as for some reason they are unable to get to the shop. They then ask for the serial number off the card to save you delivering it. What has really happened is that person’s contact list has been hacked so the criminal can then pose as the friend or relative to make the request.

Retailers are now working alongside Action Fraud to help raise awareness by posting warning signs by Gift Card retail units, or creating an upper payment limit for Gift Card purchases.


  • Gift Cards of any type, including App Store and iTunes Gift Cards can only be used to purchase goods and services from the retailer named on the card. Never provide the numbers on the back of any Gift Card to someone you do not know.
    •    No genuine organisation, and especially government organisations, will ask you to pay taxes, bills or fees using Gift Cards, or any other type of voucher. If you’re contacted by anyone that asks you to do this, you are very likely the target of a scam.
    •    Once you have handed over that serial number, the card is valueless and your money has vanished

Genuine banks, Government Agencies or other trusted organisations will not pressure you to make a financial transaction on the spot. If something feels wrong then it’s usually right to question it.

Please feel free to share this information with any family, friends, or neighbours that you think it may be able to assist.


Take Five to Stop Fraud

STOP: Taking a moment to stop and think before parting with your money or information could keep you safe.
CHALLENGE: Could it be fake? It’s OK to reject, refuse or ignore any requests. Only criminals will try to rush or panic you.
PROTECT: Contact your bank immediately if you think you’ve fallen for a scam and report it to Action Fraud

•    Avoid disclosing security details
•    Emails, Phone Calls and Texts may not be authentic
•    Always make direct contact with any organisation by using a genuine phone number
•    Stop and Challenge any unexpected requests
•    Protect others by reporting Fraud and Scams

If you’ve fallen for a scam,
report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or via

Scam Text messages can be forwarded to 7726 to help phone providers take early action and block numbers that generate spam on their networks.

Forward Fake Emails received to

If you think your bank account or personal banking details have been used fraudulently, then use the short phone number – 159 – to contact the Fraud Prevention Department of most major UK banks.

Emergency footpath closure –



Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (As Amended)

(Footpath BW-621 Bewdley) (Temporary Closure Order) 2024

Order made: to close Footpath BW-621 Bewdley for its entire length.

The Order has been made due to a damaged footpath.

Exemptions: to permit access to any land or premises having a frontage to the highway affected where there is no other form of access; and to allow the necessary works to be undertaken.

Alternative route: Bridleway BW-618, footpath BW-620, U10532 Snuff Mill Walk and vice versa.

The proposed Order will continue in force for a period not exceeding 6 months or until the works which it is proposed to be carried out have been completed, whichever is the earlier. However, it is anticipated that the Order will only be operative for 6 months continuing on from 7 June 2024.

Thomas Pollock Head of Commercial and Law (Legal and Governance) County Hall Spetchley Road Worcester

27 June 2024

Map BW-621 Temp closure.pdf

Neighbourhood Watch:Volunteer Recognition Awards 2024


As part of Neighbourhood Watch Week celebrations last week, we launched the Volunteer Recognition Awards 2024 nominations and we want to remind you how you can nominate.

Neighbourhood Watch Network is so proud of our network of volunteers and the work that they do in their local communities.  From Coordinators of scheme and areas, to Association Leads and the Committees that support you and the Multi-Scheme Administrators that work so hard to the Cyberhood Watch Ambassadors that deliver crime prevention advice, they all have a part to play.

The Volunteer Recognition Awards are our way of say a huge thank you and winners will be presented with their awards at our annual Crime and Community Conference in September.

Last year we received over 500 nominations in the three categories and this was so well received that we have extended the categories to 5 this year.


The categories are:

  • Innovation and Reach
  • Crime Prevention
  • Community Health and Wellbeing
  • Young Volunteer of the Year
  • Special Recognition Award


More information about the categories can be found on our new and improved website:  Volunteers nominated must be Neighbourhood Watch volunteers.  The awards are sponsored this year by SimpliSafe.

You only have a few weeks to nominate remaining so if you are thinking of nominating a Neighbourhood Watch volunteer, then do so HERE.

We are so looking forward to receiving and reading through the nominations and being able to celebrate the volunteers that provide so much help and support to their communities.