What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

The Neighbourhood Plan, when approved by the people of Bewdley, will set out the vision for the town in terms of future land use and form part of the Wyre Forest District Local Plan. The plan will belong to the town and will be a legal document used to inform future planning and development issues.

All Neighbourhood Plans must be in general conformity with the strategic policies for an area as well as the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and European Legislation.

As with a Local Plan, a Neighbourhood Plan will be subject to an independent Examination. However, it additionally requires a local referendum to be held to ensure that the community has the final say on whether the plan comes into force or not.

Why is it so very important?

In practice, communities have often found it hard to have a meaningful say in planning decisions. The Neighbourhood Plan puts power back into the hands of local residents, businesses, councils and civic leaders.

Who decides what is in the plan?

The plan is intended to reflect the views of people who live, work, shop, enjoy and have an interest in Bewdley. Ultimately, whether the plan is to be adopted or not will be decided by a formal referendum involving local people.

How will it be paid for?

The Town Council successfully applied for the maximum grant awarded by Locality which administers government money for supporting neighbourhood planning. It has also allocated funding to the project.

Want to learn more?

Neighbourhood Plans Roadmap – A Step-by-Step Guide, 2018 edition

Neighbourhood Plan so far…

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has, since 2015, been working with community representatives to identify priorities for Bewdley’s future, the planning challenges our town faces and possible solutions to these challenges.

Items contained in the plan:

Community and Wellbeing

  • To ensure that there are green, open areas in Bewdley Parish for play, recreation, and sports activities to take place

Managing Housing Supply

  • To ensure that all future housing development provides a mix of homes to meet identified housing needs and contributes positively to the unique and natural characteristics of the Bewdley Neighbourhood Plan area.

Jobs and the Local Economy

  • To maintain a thriving town centre and retail economy.
  • To promote business by supporting provision of suitable employment land.
  • To preserve and promote Bewdley as a popular market town, with a regular events programme.

Improving the Infrastructure

  • To improve traffic flow through the main thoroughfare of the town and seek methods to reduce congestion, pollution, and speeding.
  • To improve car parking facilities in and around the town
  • To maintain and enhance the existing network of footpaths, cycleways and public rights of way to provide access to the surrounding countryside.
  • To enable improved linkages in and around Bewdley

Protecting the Countryside

  • To protect and enhance watercourses including the River Severn, Riddings Brook, Dowles Brook and Snuff Mill Brook and manage the effects of flooding.
  • To protect and enhance the open countryside setting of Bewdley including its open spaces, wildlife areas and green space separation from neighbouring towns to preserve the town’s distinctive settlement area.
  • To protect the identity of Bewdley as an historic riverside market town within its open countryside and woodland setting and ensure that new developments respect the landscape character.

Heritage and Character

  • To protect and preserve the historic environment and architectural features of Bewdley, comprising the town centre, adjoining residential streets, part of the River Severn, adjoining river frontages and other landscape features and part of the old settlement of Wribbenhall.
  • To ensure that future developments or changes of use enhance the existing character of Bewdley.
  • To ensure that shop frontages and signage are in keeping and enhance the historic character of Bewdley.

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Minutes

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Fri 7th Jun, 2024Download Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meeting and the date of the meeting- Wednesday 19th June 2024 , 3pmAgenda

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Committee

Councillor Sarah Billet

Councillor Sarah Billett

Wribbenhall Ward

Committees & Working Parties:

  • Planning Committee
  • Neighbourhood Plan Group
  • Millennium Green Trust Committee
  • Events Working Group

Email: Use this form to send Councillor Sarah Billett an email

Address: C/O Bewdley Town Council Office, Borough House, 6 Load Street, Bewdley, DY12 2AF

Councillor Calne Edginton White

Councillor Calne Edginton-White

Bewdley West Ward

Committees & Working Parties:

  • Finance & Facilities Committee
  • Planning Committee
  • Road Safety Group
  • Neighbourhood Plan
  • Flood Defence Group
  • Events Working Group
  • Projects Working Group

Tel: 01299 400726 / 07730 576711

Email: Use this form to send Councillor Calne Edginton-White an email

Address: Foundry Cottage, Dowles Road, Bewdley DY12 2EJ

Councillor Rod Stanczyszyn Chair of Finance & General Purposes Committee

Councillor Rod Stanczyszyn

Bewdley East Ward

Committees & Working Parties:

  • Finance & Facilities Committee
  • Planning Committee
  • Neighbourhood Plan Group
  • Road Safety Group

Tel: 01299 489307 / 07719 586196

Email: Use this form to send Councillor Rod Stanczyszyn an email

Address: Windyridge, Dry Mill Lane, Bewdley DY12 2BL