The Planning Committee meets every month.  All planning applications in Bewdley are referred by the District Council to the Town Council Planning Committee for its views, and for the Committee to recommend whether, in their opinion, an application should be approved or refused.  Ultimately, however, all final planning decisions are made by Wyre Forest District Council.

All Planning Committee meetings of the Town Council are open to the public and generally take place on the last Monday of the month following the Finance and Facilities Committee meeting. This is subject to change so please check each Agenda.

Anyone wishing to speak either for or against a planning application, or any subject coming within the remit of the Committee, may do so subject to standing orders and in consultation with the Town Clerk.

The members of the Planning Committee for 2022/23 are as follows:

Councillor Emily Bourne (Chairman), Councillor Sarah Billett (Deputy Chairman), Councillor Paul Gittins MBE, Councillor Derek Killingworth, Councillor Heather Lacy, Councillor Ian Latimer, Councillor Rod Stanczyszyn.

Please note the Agenda for each Planning Committee will be available approximately one week prior to the Committee meeting.

All planning details and applications are now listed within the Wyre Forest District Council website. To track specific planning applications, please register with WFDC  Planning (see link below).

Click the link to the Wyre Forest District Council Planning and Buildings page to discover more.

More information about the Planning system in England can be found here.

You can also view information about Planning and Local Planning Policy in the Wyre Forest District here.

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Mon 27th Nov, 2023Planning Committee Meeting
Mon 30th Oct, 2023Planning Committee Meeting
Mon 25th Sep, 2023Planning Committee Meeting
Mon 21st Aug, 2023Planning Committee Meeting
Mon 24th Jul, 2023Planning Committee Meeting
Mon 26th Jun, 2023Planning Committee Meeting
Mon 29th May, 2023Planning Committee Meeting
Mon 24th Apr, 2023Planning Committee Meeting
Mon 27th Mar, 2023Planning Committee Meeting Summons and Agenda
Mon 27th Feb, 2023Planning Committee Meeting Summons and Agenda Draft Minutes
Mon 23rd Jan, 2023Planning Committee Meeting Summons and Agenda Approved Minutes