Electric vehicles – crime prevention message

Posted on behalf of West Mercia Police

The rise in price of copper is likely to cause an increase in the theft of cable and infrastructure materials. This gives cause to think about the security of the electric vehicle charging cables installed at our homes and businesses.

Whilst there is not a particular problem with this in our area currently, it is worth being ahead of the game when it comes to crime prevention. The amount of copper within an EV charging cable is low, so the reward to would be criminals is quite small, but there is a possibility that thieves could target the charging cables if left unattended or unsecured.

If you are yet to install a charger, consider placing the device discreetly out of public view. If possible, secure your cable when not in use by removing it to a safe place and not leaving it on display. Consider marking the cable with a forensic marking system and make sure it is covered by CCTV or protected by an alarm. As ever, be alert to suspicious activity and report it accordingly.

Further advice on crime prevention can be found here: Secured by Design – Crime Prevention & Security Advice