River is due to rise to between 5.1 and 5.4 meters. There is no longer pedestrian access to the bridge. Should you need to leave your property Wyre Forest District Council have confirmed that an emergency rest centre has been set up at Wyre Forest House.

Environment Agency Review on Temporary Flood Defences at Beales Corner and Wribbenhall

The Environment Agency has completed it’s review of the Beales Corner flood defence scheme.

The temporary defences have helped to protect many properties over the 7 year period they have been implemented. They have however, always been just that; a temporary solution. It is a costly way of protecting the 30 or so properties that are at risk.

The defences are not totally effective, particularly when coping with high flood levels as seepage and road damage has occurred in past events. As well as being expensive they demand large amounts of man-hours to guard over and are also very disruptive to the operation of “Business as Usual” in the Town. The defences have meant that the bridge has had to be closed to cars on many occasions whilst they are being set up and also when levels are high the barriers need to be protected against an accidental vehicle strike.

The EA has reviewed all options available and have favoured a Property Level Solution (“PLP”). A PLP solution will mean that individual properties at risk receive defences specific to them in order to protect the property in the event of a flood.

The full review document is available to download by clicking on the file below:

You can also learn more about Property Level Protection from the National Flood Forum by clicking here.