Bewdley Left Bank Flood Risk Management Project Update 15th April – 19th April 2024

Posted on behalf of the Environment Agency.

We have been working near Millside Court (Area 5) to lay pipe work in preparation for future Severn Trent utilities through the finished wall.

We have been installing sheets and frames around the Severn Trent manhole. Next week we put down the blinding in this area. This will all enable us to reduce the height of the manhole cover in a safe and efficient manner.

The trench sheets in place along Stourport Road will be having studs welded on in readiness for the next stage of the capping beam construction.

Our Piling contractors Ivor King have been back on site installing more piles along Stourport Road, as well as putting down more piling mats further up Stourport Road for piling planned for next week, as we work up towards Kidderminster Road.

Cadent Gas have revisited the diversion works in the area in front of the bridge. This work has had to be re-excavated and compacted due to complications in the compaction process. This work has also impacted on the programme of works at Pleasant Harbour, with alteration to the traffic management moving from the river side of the road to the pleasant harbour side of the carriageway now planned for next week. This should be in place from early next week for a period of 3 or 4 days.

Our Piling contractors Ivor King will be working on the reinforcement cages in the compound next week, in preparation for further piling works in the coming weeks.

We have moved 4 of the benches previously in front of the bridge to locations in Riverside North Park, with the remaining benches to be moved when ground conditions have improved.

The impact that the unusually long duration of flooding and unexpected cadent diversion works is currently being fed into the programme.

Community engagement

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