Bewdley Left Bank Flood Risk Management Project Update 18 March – 22 March 2024

The following update was provided to us by the Environment Agency

The blinding work in Area 5 (Millside Court) is now complete and work has moved into area 3 and 4 (Stourport Road) and is near to completion in this section.

Where the blinding and piling is in place in Area 5, we have now installed trench sheeting. This will allow us to reduce seepage through the defence when in place. Where the trench sheets are in place the next stage will be to burn out the sections necessary for the capping beam to follow. This will also include welding studs into these sections for reinforcement.

We are installing a surface water drainage pipe that will act as an overflow into the river. The pipe will be surrounded with clay to provide a waterproof barrier.

Work has also been undertaken on the electrical kiosk to enable us to utilise this electrical point for use in the lighting along Stourport Road.

Work is ongoing on the access for future works in Area 0 (Pleasant Harbour footpath). The stone and geo-grid has been laid down, and this work will continue into next week. Spoil generated from the rebuild of the heritage wall will be removed, and the access track will extend into Area 0 in preparation for establishment of the piling mat for works to come.

Cadent Gas works are ongoing to divert the gas main around the wall foundations, adjacent to the bridge.

Community engagement sessions

We will endeavour to provide weekly updates; however, we will not be able to answer all questions emailed to us. If you have any questions, please speak to our Environment Agency team member who will be at St George’s Hall on the following dates:

  • 26 March between 11:00 – 2pm
  • 9 April between 11:00 – 2pm
  • 23 April between 11:00 – 2pm

There will be an additional drop-in on 16 April at the Bewdley Rowing Club between 5pm and 7pm.