Flood Summary for West Midlands

Flood Summary Sheet for West Midlands Area
(Shropshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire)
Time: 15:00 Date: 24/10/2023 Next Update Planned (approximately): 25/10/2023 09:30
Section 1: Warnings in Force
Area Flood Alerts Flood Warnings Severe Flood Warnings
For full details of Warnings currently in force please visit: Check for flooding in England (gov.uk)
Section 2: River Level Information
River Gauge Location Forecast Forecast Forecast Date and Time of Peak Recorded Recorded Time of Peak Highest Recent (m) Highest Historic Peak (m)
Minimum Maximum Peak
Severn Crew Green 6.44 Saturday AM 6.58 22-Feb-22 6.58 21-Feb-22
Welsh Bridge 4.14 Sunday PM 5.11 25-Feb-20 5.25 01-Nov-00
Buildwas 5.60 Monday PM 6.79 26-Feb-20 7.04 02-Nov-00
Bridgnorth 4.57 Monday PM 5.19 26-Feb-20 5.26 02-Nov-00
Bewdley 4.55 Tuesday AM 5.48 26-Feb-20 5.56 02-Nov-00
Worcester 5.16 Tuesday AM 5.79 27-Feb-20 5.79 27-Feb-20
Diglis 4.94 Sunday AM 5.28 17-Feb-20 5.30 22-Jul-07
Kempsey Yacht Club 6.8 7.0 Tuesday PM 7.49 17-Feb-20 7.49 17-Feb-20
Saxons Lode 5.0 5.2 Tuesday PM 5.49 17-Feb-20 5.93 22-Jul-07
Mythe 4.0 4.2 Wednesday AM 4.67 18-Feb-20 5.50 22-Jul-07
Gloucester 2.9 3.3 Wednesday PM 4.44 19-Feb-20 4.92 23-Jul-07
Sharpness 11.07 11-Mar-20 11.07 11-Mar-20
Teme Leintwardine 2.40 Saturday AM
Tenbury 5.53 Saturday AM 5.90 16-Feb-20 5.97 21-Jul-07
Bransford 5.60 Saturday AM 5.90 16-Feb-20 6.09 21-Jul-07
Avon Evesham 3.30 Saturday AM 4.01 15-Nov-19 5.52 21-Jul-07
Wye Bredwardine 4.16 Saturday AM 6.99 16-Feb-20 6.99 16-Feb-20
Old Wye Bridge 3.30 Saturday PM 6.11 17-Feb-20 6.11 17-Feb-20
Ross on Wye 3.70 Saturday PM 4.90 1-Oct-19 4.90 1-Oct-19
Newport 8.10 11-Mar-20 8.10 11-Mar-20
For current levels at gauge locations: River and Sea Levels (gov.uk)
Section 3: Additional Information & Contacts
Barrier information

Frankwell: Phase 1 & 2 Deployed
Ironbridge: Phase 1 & 2 deployed
Bewdley: Severnside Phase 1 and 2 deployed, Phase 3 ready if required
Newstreet, Dunns Lane, Waterside gates closed
Hylton Road deployed( removal to commence after 19:00 24/10/2023)
Hereford not required
Uckinghall Flood gate closed
Deerhurst Church & Severn way gates closed
Ashleworth  gates closed
Band of rain moving across the Area from the south west from the early hours, bringing moderate rainfall. This will pass over by midday and be followed by further showers.
Widespread 5-10mm, isolated maximums of 25-30mm over upper S&V and W&T and 15mm over the mid and lower Severn.

Low pressure front move in from the SW late afternoon, clearing to the NE by early hours of Thursday, followed by showers.
Widespread 7-13mm, isolated totals of 12-15mm over Upper S&V and W&T and 30mm for lower Wye and lower Severn.

Thursday and into Friday
Moderate totals are also expected from widespread showers.

Monday Professional Partner queries for Gloucestershire Cotswold District :                                                                                                               0845 850 3518 (ask for West Thames Flood Warning Duty Officer North)