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Anti social behaviour and e-scooters

Recently there has been a slight rise in the reports of youth related anti social behaviour in the Bewdley and Kidderminster Town area.
Generally the reports detail groups of mixed males and females aged between 12 and 17 years old being a general nuisance with some of the group often becoming abusive towards members of the public and shop workers.

A few within the group are also reported to be riding “E Scooters” . Although they are legal to buy, they are illegal to use on public roads or places. You cannot insure a privately purchased e-scooter to used in a private place, should you be caught riding an e-scooter in a public place, police will seize the item and you risk being reported for driving offences.

  • Parents, please take responsibility for your children and be sure that you know where they are if they are out and about during the late afternoon and early evening. Don’t be the one to have a call from police about their son or daughter.