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Bewdley Town Council is pleased to announce that it has entered into a new 3-year Illumination Hire Agreement for 2022 until 2024. Provided for the benefit of the community, traders, and visitors a wonderful colourful display of red, white, and blue was chosen to mark the Platinum Jubilee of the late Queen Elizabeth.

Some years previous, the Town Council took the decision to illuminate the towns Christmas Lighting on a continuous setting for the Christmas season, the decision based on a cost saving relating to unreliable timeclocks and costly electrical contractor callouts. The Council entered into the new contract earlier this year at a time prior to the current global energy crisis and recently took steps to address the continuous lighting of the illuminations. Following receipt of a quote from the approved contractor in excess of £4,500 to install new timeclocks it was evident that funding and lead time constraints would form the basis for consideration. Sadly, the lead time from order point would take the date beyond Christmas for installation and with the Christmas budget already committed to the cost of the hire with a separate budget specifically for the Christmas switch on event already fully committed it is with regret that the council cannot install timers on the illuminations during 2022.

This will mean that the Christmas Illuminations will be on a continuous setting and be lit during the daylight and night time.

Steps have been taken to allocate budget provision for 2023/2024 to allow for column testing and installation of timeclocks going forward.