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Bewdley Left Bank Flood Risk Management Project Update 25 March – 28 March 2024

The below update was provided by the Environment Agency.

The trench sheets put in place last week at Millside Court (Area 5) have now been cut back to facilitate the installation of the pile capping. Further stud welding necessary for stability of the structure has also begun this week and will progress into next week.

We have excavated a section of the previously laid concrete blinding in Area 5, in order to lay the rising main. The intention is to then install that pipe and associated puddle clay stank and flange in preparation for pile capping. We have also encased an existing foul drain in Area 5 to protect the pipe from potential damage where it passes beneath the capping beam.

The concrete blinding in the Stourport Road (Area 4 and 3) is now complete. Work has begun on pressing the trench sheets into this section and this continue into next week.

Where the existing access steps have been removed next to the quayside wall near to the junction of Stourport Road and Kidderminster Road, the ground is to be excavated, refilled, and compacted to ensure this creates a suitable working area.

Close to the junction of Stourport Road and Kidderminster Junction (Area 2) we will be starting to cut the tarmac and remove the disconnected utilities in preparation for future piling works.

The work to establish an access and piling matt for Pleasant Harbour (Area 0) is coming to an end with completion planned next week.

Cadent Gas have finished the gas diversion works as well reinstating the section adjacent to the bridge (Area 1). The reinstated ground will now need to be assessed for suitability for future piling works. Cadent Gas will move in the coming weeks into the Pleasant Harbour section (Area 0) for further diversion works there.

The benches removed from the working area have been stored in the site compound on Riverside North. Next week these benches will be placed in Riverside North Park in locations agreed by Bewdley Town Council.

Please note that any plans for next week’s construction progress may be affected by rising river levels.

Due to the Easter holidays and reduced working timeframes the next update will be on 12 April.

Community engagement sessions

We will endeavour to provide weekly updates; however, we will not be able to answer all questions emailed to us. If you have any questions, please speak to our Environment Agency team member who will be at St George’s Hall on the following dates:

  • 9 April between 11:00 – 2pm
  • 16 April between 5pm – 7pm – this drop-in will be at the Rowing Club on Riverside North
  • 23 April between 11:00 – 2pm