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First £2000 winner on Wyre Forest Community Lottery!

Christmas came early for Mr M. Williams from Stourport, who was delighted to find out he had won. With the Wyre Forest Community Lottery half of the price of the ticket goes to a good cause of your choice. When entering the lottery Mr Williams opted to support Wyre Community Land Trust.

Mr Williams said:

“It was a quite a surprise to get the win over the weekend, I hope it highlights the good work undertaken by Wyre Community Land Trust.”

The lottery was set up 2 years ago by Wyre Forest District Council. It offers weekly cash prizes of up to the £25,000 jackpot. Tickets cost £1 per with 50p going directly to the cause of your choice with a further 10p going to the community fund, which is used to support all local good causes registered. The remainder is put towards prizes, operating costs, and VAT. Players who do not wish to support a specific cause can still take part in the lottery. 60p of their ticket price goes into the central good causes fund. This is distributed annually by the council, equally between all the good causes. So far, the lottery has raised £74,500 for local good causes.

Since beginning 2 years ago, 69 local groups have signed up as good causes. Wyre Community Land Trust is one of the organisations which has been using the lottery as fun and effective way to raise funds.

Wyre Community Land Trust is a small social enterprise based in Bewdley. They help manage and conserve the wildlife and habitats of the Wyre Forest and provide opportunities for the local community to learn and engage with the natural environment and heritage crafts. Their education and care farming programme provides opportunities for local school children and vulnerable adults to enjoy the beautiful and peaceful environment of the Wyre Forest.

Sally Pendergast, Farm Conservation Manager at Wyre Community Land Trust said:

“We first heard about Wyre Forest Community Lottery 2 years ago, we decided to join as a good cause as it is a great way to let the local community know about the work that we do, raise extra funds, whilst also giving supporters the chance to win some money and support other local organisations too.

More information on volunteering opportunities and the work Wyre Community Land Trust do can be found on Wyre Community Land Trust’s website They can also be followed on Facebook and Twitter

Councillor Mary Rayner, Wyre Forest District Council’s Cabinet Member for Finance and Capital Portfolio said:

“It’s fantastic news to have our first big prize winner and wonderful for their chosen good cause too, as it highlights their work. I would encourage anyone who runs a local charity or good cause group to sign up! It is an easy way to raise funds with no administration or set up charges involved and lots of support from the operators to help the good causes promote the lottery to their supporters.”

Anyone who runs a charity, or a local good cause can sign up at any time by visiting Wyre Forest Community Lottery website to register people toasting with wine glasses in front of a christmas tree