Free Driver Awareness Sessions [#213329611]

Could you do with brushing up on your Highway Code knowledge? Do you know what all the road signs mean?

PCC John Campion is committed to making West Mercia’s roads safer. As part of this commitment, he has relaunched the Roads Focus campaign in partnership with local authorities.

Working together with West Mercia Police, which includes local policing teams and the Road Safety Team, local councils and council highways teams, the PCC’s ‘Roads Focus’ campaign will see drop-in and driver awareness sessions take place across West Mercia.

The driver awareness sessions, ran by TTC, are open to everybody and will give you an opportunity to refresh your knowledge of the Highway Code and improve your overall driver behaviour.

Two free driver awareness session will be taking place 6pm – 7:30pm:

Thursday 15 February – Via Zoom – Book your spot here

Wednesday 28 February – Via Zoom – Book your spot here