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Nitrous Oxide & Silver Cannister Campaign

Nitrous oxide or N2O is commonly known as ‘NOS’ or ‘laughing gas’. It is a colourless gas which when used as a drug is dispensed from a small silver metal canister into a container, such as a balloon or plastic bag and inhaled from the container for a short-lived high. It can cause dizziness, nausea, hallucinations and acts as a depressant. Mixing nitrous oxide with other substances increases the risks, as do underlying health conditions, and improper use. For instance, inhaling directly from the canister can cause suffocation, frostbite and even death.

You can report drug-related litter to the council’s online customer account My Wyre Forest or download free and report via the My Wyre Forest App.

If you have any concerns about a young person’s nitrous oxide use or any other drug or alcohol use – call Switch Worcestershire for free and confidential support on 0300 303 8200. Switch Worcestershire is a young person’s alcohol and drug service for anyone up to the age of 18 living in Worcestershire.  Alternatively visit for support.