Public Appeal/Found Property – Incident on Springfield Park 16/03/2024 [#232227281]

The following Samsung smartphone and keyfob were found on Springfield Park, Kidderminster this morning (Sat 16/03/2024).

These items are possibly connected to an incident in the early hours where a woman was reported screaming whilst wading up to her shoulders in the water within the Stackpool. She retreated from the area prior to emergency services arriving.

West Mercia Police Officers are still very eager to locate this female to ascertain her welfare and locate the owner of these items.

If you recognise them, know the owner of these items or they are yours and you need to get them back, you might be able to describe what is behind the blacked out sections on both images to us.

Could you please make contact with police on 101 and quote incident number 115_I_16032024 if they are yours or you are aware of the identity of the person they belong to.

Thank you.