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Speed Restriction Bewdley By Pass, Bewdley



Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (As Amended)

(A456 Bewdley Bypass, Bewdley) (Temporary 30 mph Speed Limit) Order) 2022

Order made:  to impose a temporary 30 mph speed limit on that part of A456 Bewdley

Bypass for 150 metres north of the traffic lights to its junction with A456 Bewdley Bypass by Toll House Cottage & B4195 Stourport Road.

Reason: Carriageway reconstruction by WCC.

Exemptions: Special Forces vehicles.

Maximum duration: 18 months.  Anticipated duration: 68 days Commencing: 29 August 2022

Thomas Pollock Head of Commercial Law (Legal & Governance) County Hall Spetchley Road Worcester

25 August 2022










1309458 -2-A456 Bewdley Bypass, Bewdley

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