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THE QUEENS PLATINUM CELEBRATIONS 2022 – Flags and bunting on Street Light columns WCC Notice


Flags and bunting on Street Light columns

Policy Note – Worcestershire County Council

If you are proposing to hold a street party to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and are considering using nearby street lighting columns to attach decorative flags or bunting, please read the following advice.

If you are wanting to attach lightweight bunting or flags to Worcestershire County Council-owned street light columns please contact the street light team at

Any permit application fee will be waived for Platinum Jubilee events only.

It is important that only bunting or flags made from lightweight material is attached and small in surface area to minimize the additional loadings on the columns.

Please provide details of the proposed installation and the columns that have been identified to support attachments.

Providing approval is granted please note the following conditions:-

  • The applicant is wholly responsible for any damage or injury that in any way is related to the attachment including damage to the column.
  • The applicant remains responsible for the equipment / materials belonging to them for the duration of the celebrations to include its erection and removal.
  • Please take down all flags and bunting as soon as practicable following the end of the celebrations.
  • The applicant needs to be aware that in the event where our street lighting contractor is called out to remove the installation (whether from a safety concern – i.e. oversized, too low or insecure and flapping) or if the flags and banners are left up after the event has concluded, then the Highways Authority will seek to recharge the cost to the organiser.