Darker evenings are upon us, so its a good opportunity to improve your vehicle and home security, the following tips will help you protect your property:



·  Lower fences at the front of your property to around one-metre high as it allows for a clear view over the top and don’t provide cover for anyone wishing to hide.

·  At the rear and sides, taller fencing is recommended to prevent easy access.

·  Trellis, thorny plants, or a suitable anti-climb topping such as plastic spikes make it difficult for anyone climbing over a fence or gate.

·  Planting prickly or barbed shrubbery along boundaries and fence lines acts as an effective natural barrier.

·  Gravel driveways and paths will make sure you hear anyone approach. Keep burglars out of your property | West Mercia Police


1: Locking your vehicle, even when filling up or parked on your drive, greatly reduces the possibility of it being targeted by an        opportunist thief.

2: For key-less models be sure to put the fob including the spare in a screened or signal-blocking pouch, such as a Faraday Bag and check if the bag or pouch is still working every few months.

3: Purchase and fit a steering wheel lock to the vehicle when its not in use. (Even when you just pop to the shops)

4: Remove anything of value from the vehicle when its unattended.