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Attempt theft of motor vehicle (Bewdley) [#217359926]

At about 23:30hrs on the evening of Monday 12th February there was an attempted theft of a motor vehicle from Springhill Rise, Bewdley.

The thieves were seen using a “relay” device which is used in the theft of key-less style cars.

Thankfully they were disturbed by the owner and they ran from the scene.

Tips for keeping your vehicles safe:

  • Purchase and fit a good quality steering wheel lock and use it at all times when the vehicle is unattended ( even popping into the shops)
  • Placing the fob including spare (key-less vehicles) into a signal blocking pouch..
  • Fit a driveway post ( if practicable)
  • Always keep the vehicle locked and secure.  Get into the habit of checking its locked before you go to bed.

For more advice about vehicle security, please follow: https://www.westmercia.police.uk/cp/crime-prevention/keeping-vehicles-safe/preventing-car-vehicle-theft/