Flooding Update from Wyre Forest District Council

Operational update #6 for Monday 23 October 2023 – 11:00hrs


  • Improved but still unsettled – this will slow river drawdowns

EA Update

  • Leading on comms – link into Bronze Cells
  • No comms group formally stood up – Partners to re-tweet or re-“X”

Environment Agency

  • Severn at Bewdley is still rising – currently at 4.3m – best case 4.3m – worst case 4.8m Monday into Tuesday morning
  • We know on-set of initial property flooding at 4.35m issues at Beales and other low-lying areas – NWL
  • Prolonged drawdown over next 18/24 hrs
  • Bewdley SSN / SSS fully deployed
  • Beales Corner cannot be deployed – sandbags and property level protection in place – This now priority area
  • Attendance at Bronze Cells


  • Water egressing onto Stourport Rd at Beales Corner – Situation being monitored
  • Both B4190 (Kidderminster Road) and B4195 (Stourport Road) at risk
  • Bewdley bridge open one way into town – Concern however about rising levels at Beales Corner
  • Cleobury Rd damaged manhole cover – This is guarded at present – No intention to put in TM until post flood event

 Police / WMLRF

  • Bronze cells continue with warning and informing – Retain Bronze Cell until Tuesday 17:00hrs
  • Not aware of any flooded properties or critical incidents – Positive considering situation however cautious approach
  • Concentration at Beales Corner / Stourport – Caravan Sites / Wolverley / Dick Brook (some issues at South Cell) / Astley / Upper Arley
  • Need to collect any actual flooded properties at tomorrows TCG – Use formal LRF template
  • CVAC on site and recognition of their contribution noted
  • Recovery – Set up Joint Coordinating Recovery Group – Take place early next week
  • TCG – Tuesday 11:00hrs – Intention to standdown following peaks

Depot Operational Services / NWWMT

  • Crews sandbagging across district and concentrating on Bewdley bridge area
  • Crews responding to sweeping – Significant debris
  • NWWMT – Only one household supported with alternative accommodation – Friday, Stourport.